Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Recipe with Chocolate Chips

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Recipe with Chocolate Chips

Chocolate , chocolate biscuits, cream cheese and chocolate chips. Sound good? I think so. The recipe for cheesecake cookies and cream is the dream of chocolate lovers. Bite energy rubber of chocolate chips semi-sweet at the top and then sinking your teeth through the cream cheese with a little bit of chocolate chips mixed then finish your taste buds with cookies are rich chocolate soft. As I think about it, you can even mix some vanilla bean extract with cream cheese to combine the classic flavors of vanilla and chocolate.

I love cheesecake, don’t I? All this came because I told my wife that I want a pan Springer for my birthday so I can make our group the largest of these delicious desserts. So she definitely surprised me with the pan and thought the first one I made should be hers. She is a chocolate lover, so with a variety of cheesecake recipes to choose from, she decided to choose biscuits and cream, but with a touch. I think that any dessert covered with small chocolate chips looks quite appetizing, whether it is covered with chocolate pastries, apples, ice cream or cakes. So I followed that and put a layer of small chocolate chips on top of the cake.

I collected the ingredients, doubled the recipe and made them together. I love being in the kitchen with my wife making things together. For me, it’s one of the best ways to spend quality time with each other. So after the mix, make crust cookies chocolate from scratch and The Cheesecake, voila, we received brilliant treatment for ourselves. I love the spring foam pan, it makes great cheese cakes, which are much larger and thicker than the traditional small glass pie dish. You should see this thing it looks good to your eyes as in his stomach. I decided to take my art project. to eat a step forward. I took photos of each step and created a photo recipe for the cheesecake so that others could learn how to make it more easily. Well-organized and written recipes are a good thing, but most people are visual learners, so using this illustrated guide is much more fun & Ocean recipes.

After admiring the chocolate masterpiece, I thought I would surprise some friends and coworkers and let them sink their teeth into a slice, and this is of course after my wife and I did. Next time I will make a fruit-flavored cheesecake recipe and this time I will bake it. I’m looking forward to it. Check back to see how it comes out.

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