Case of airborne urticarial dermatitis caused by the oak processionary caterpillar

The oak processionary caterpillar is found in numerous European nations. It fills in deciduous woods, yet in addition on detached oaks. Its hatchlings produce stinging hairs (setae) containing a poison (thaumetopoein) from the third to 6th larval instar. The setae are scattered by the breeze from the swarmed oak trees. They can be at the starting point of airborne pestilences of urticarial indications. We primarily notice urticarial dermatitis with a harmful component. Yet, we can likewise notice signs of nearby unfavorably susceptible component, locoregional, at the bronchial, cutaneous, conjunctival, or stomach related level. Outstanding anaphylactic responses are portrayed. A few components impact the geographic conveyance of populaces of oak processionary caterpillars. Among them, a dangerous atmospheric devation of the atmosphere appears to support the northern augmentation of pervaded zones. We report the instance of urticaria brought about by the oak processionary caterpillar in a timberland officer. He works and lives with his family in a woodland in the Champagne-Picardy district, which has been inclined to attacks by oak Chenilles processionnaires 78 for a very long time. We examine the expert idea of this urticaria.


Oak processionary caterpillar is known to plague European backwoods. Its hairs contain a urticating poison (thaumetopoein). The hairs of the juvenile caterpillars cause confined and summed up technician irritative, poisonous and unfavorably susceptible skin responses. Once in a while, serious anaphylactic stun has been accounted for. Setae being spread by the breeze might be at the source of plague airborne cutaneous sicknesses. A few elements, including an Earth-wide temperature boost, may affect the topographical conveyance of the caterpillars. We report an instance of word related dermatitis brought about by the oak processionary caterpillar in a timberland superintendent. He works and lives in a woods in northern France woodland, which has been tormented by the oak processionary caterpillar for the last 3years. We talk about the word related part of this urticarial dermatitis.